Wholesale Ordering

To place your wholesale order, please complete the form in full. To move down the fields, press the TAB button on your keyboard or click on the next field – don’t press ENTER as this will submit the form! When you’ve finished, click on SUBMIT on the bottom right hand side of the page.

All orders must be submitted on a Monday before Mid-day for delivery the same week.

For our stockists in the North West, your order will be delivered directly by Nowt Poncy®. For those retailers further afield we use 24-hour couriers.

Please note that 2.5kg tubs are only available for delivery by our own transport at the moment.

For Trade Account enquiries, please contact Terry Baker on 03303 202186 and he will verify your eligibility.

Thank you

Team Nowt Poncy®

NP Wholesale Orders

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