Food Startups

Our Nowt Poncy® Manifesto

People of food land – listen up, thas’ll be glad thee did.

Here at Nowt Poncy®, we’re a dedicated group of professionals who are dedicated to making safe and delicious products for Start-Up’s and scaling food companies.

Our Lancashire based food innovation and production centre is based in the beautiful Rossendale Valley, an area famous for slippers past and present, and now we’re “taking on the World from Waterfoot” the small village where we are based, with food manufacture.

Up North we’re famous for Corrie, Emmerdale, Brookie, Hollyoaks, gravy on’t chips, speaking funny and bad weather, but by gum, it’s not all whippets and cloth caps ya know.

Northern straight talking and manufacturing

Nowt fancy here, just proper Northern straight talking and manufacturing from a small but efficient commercial kitchen with the equipment needed to produce low MOQ, short runs of sauces and other condiments safely and efficiently. We can make it, lid it, label it, pack it, store it, send it and give you all the statutory paperwork to prove it. Our associates can also advise you how to price it, market it, create an ecommerce site, Insta it, sort your margins, approach companies, create promotions, protect your IPO, photograph it, PR it and sell Sell SELL it. Know what a margin maintained promotion is or how much it could cost you? Nope, neither did we till we got our first supermarket listing, but we do now.

Our SALSA accreditation is the first thing buyers will look for to give them independent assurance and verification that excellent food safety standards are in place including full traceability of the ingredients and the raw materials.

Exceptional value to your brand

With our low Northern overheads, we can give exceptional value to your brand, and although we may not be the cheapest, nor the biggest, we believe trust should be at the heart of any relationship. We’re reet old school, we believe in chatting over a brew, honesty and openness. It’s a family thing you see. Trust is an integral part of what we do here.

We manufacture for people you know and people you don’t. We can’t tell you though, as their secret’s safe with us, as yours will be. We don’t need to shout and holler, blather and bluster and name drop to satisfy our egos. To coin a phrase – the more you know, the less you need to show. Do a good days work for a fair days pay.

Nowt gets on our thrups more than seeing start ups and small producers being ripped off or paying huge fees to people who have absolutely no idea what they are talking about (and the food industry has more than a few of those) and who could fill a hot air balloon with the promises they make for a handsome retainer.

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Speak to us

We even have telephones too, so pick yours up and give us a call. We want to help make your food dreams and ambitions a reality and ensure your product is retail ready for the shelves, legally compliant and the very best it can be.

The Nowt Poncy Food Company Ltd.