Community & Sponsorship



The Lancashire Typhoons RFC

In 2019 we were delighted to become front of shirt sponsors of the Lancashire Typhoons RFC, Lancashires first Inclusive rugby union team. Gay, straight, trans, deaf, old hands or newbies – it doesn’t matter who you are – what matters is a love for the game of rugby. The Typhoons have created a safe place for members to participate in an environment that’s non-threatening and non-judgemental.

Additionally, we became one of the sleeve sponsors for the Typhoons Touch Rugby team, a truly inclusive team in that women are included too. We have seen the team grow in confidence and numbers and we couldn’t be prouder that they choose to wear our little brand proudly on the front of their shirts.

Jools has always loved rugby (being Cardiff born and bred, he always thinks he was better than he actually was) but injury forced his retirement from the game years ago, but he can be heard shouting encouragement from the sidelines and usually loses his voice (much to the amusement of Mrs Nowtponcy).


If you fancy a game or turning up for a laugh follow them on where you can get details on the Union and Touch teams.

We’re delighted to announce our continued front of shirt sponsorship for the 2020/2021 season 🙂

The Nowt Poncy Food Company Ltd.