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Mar 5, 2019 | Pasta, Recipes, Sauces, Sugarwise

The Skinny on our products

We often get asked about the nutritional values for our products from those following slimming/diet/fitness plans.

Now, it’s a bit complicated because, due to registered trademarks, we’re not allowed to use the trademarks of the UK’s most popular plans because they are incredibly protective (as we too would be) and they would sue us for breaching them, but we’re sure you know who they are.

Nope, we don’t know why either….

Additionally, the way a certain company works out its values is a bit complicated and depends on the way you view/use your allowance. Now then, since our sauces are all made by hand (as you would if you made them yourselves), almost all of our customers choose to treat them as homemade and calculate accordingly which invariably makes them zero for the Nowt Poncy® Arrabbiata and Big Easy Creole or 1.5/Jar for the Nowt Poncy® T&B and L’Amore É Pizza or 3.5/Jar for the Nowt Poncy® Curry depending on the product used. In fact, almost all of the members/consultants we have sent products to for evaluation, have chosen to treat our sauces as if they had made them themselves.

We use UKAS accredited laboratories to determine our nutritional data.

Now, this company (who shall remain nameless) states that if we take this same sauce and put it in’t jars, then the values increase hugely. We have asked the question why this should be the case and frankly, we haven’t had a satisfactory reply other than THEIR own sauces are the only ones with zero you know whats. We have offered to send them our products for them to confirm our figures but they haven’t accepted as yet. They did offer to include our products on their database BUT only at the HIGHER values which we feel is not a fair reflection of our nutritional data especially when we can’t get a straight answer as to why just jarring our product would cause an issue especially when they are NOT mass produced or highly processed. They DID say that they could see that there was an issue and are working on a solution so hopefully, this will be sorted at some stage.

So, our advice is to always take a considered approach to your calculations because our products really are just like you would make at home (even though we then jar them) and whilst we don’t take into account chewability and satiety (posh word for feeling full) as each person is different, we’ll leave it to your own judgement on how to treat them.

We are on the Weight Watchers foods data base so if you scan our barcodes you will get all the info you need.



Nowt Poncy® products are low calorie, low sugar and coeliac and vegan friendly.

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Nowt Poncy® products are low sugar and coeliac and vegan friendly (apart from the Big Easy Creole).

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