Nowt Poncy® Arrabbiata Sauce (Gluten Free) 350g net jar


So arrabbiata means angry in Italian and it’s because of the chillies that give it heat and the red of the tomatoes. Our Nowt Poncy® Arrabbiata Sauce has some ooomph by means of fresh red chillies to wake up those taste buds with a little picante tickle. We’ve always been told if your going to make something spicy – make it spicy. You can always add some lovely cheese and dare I say it, some lovely Primitivo wine from Apuglia).

We use it as a salsa with tortillas as a snack or on crusty fresh Italian bread. In any way, a little Pecorino Romano, Grand Padano or if you are vegan, some lovely Good Carma sprinkles over the top it’s delicious.

It’s what the words Molto Bueno were invented for………..


The Nutritionals (all per 100g)

Energy: 32kcal Fat: 0.56g Of Which Saturates: 0.1g Carbohydrates: 5.27g of which sugars 3.38 Protein: 2.27g Salt: 0.5g



Our amazing Nowt Poncy® Arrabbiata Sauce is made with fresh oregano and fresh red chillies with a spash of balsamic vinegar. It’s suitable for vegans, coeliacs (GF <5ppm), diabetics and all diet plans.

Add some mascarpone to create a luxurious silky texture or dive straight in with some tortillas as a spicy salsa.

32 kcals/100g and legally low in salt, sugar, fat and saturated fat a single portion is essentially s*nless on that diet plan from the company we can’t name ‘cos they will sue us 🙂

Nowt Poncy® Arrabbiata Sauce
Nowt Poncy® Arrabbiata Sauce. Vegan, Gluten Free, Lactose Free, Dairy Free. <50 kcals/100g
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Weight 350 g


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