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Nowt Poncy® On’t Fangled Wireless thingy!

So, Jools was recently interviewed by the lovely Kavita Kukar on Spectrum Sino Radio in London for National Curry Week where they chatted about the Nowt Poncy® Curry Sauce.

If you have ten minutes spare grab a brew and find out why we created the our curry sauce and also the other products in the range.

Apologies for the sound quality BTW!

Nowt Poncy In’t News!

Nowt Poncy® - Mastering Product Packaging Label Design

It’s been a busy few weeks at Nowt Poncy Towers and we were featured in The Daily Telegraph’s business pages as examples of exceptional product packaging. To say we’re chuffed beyond words is an understatement.

The article is below:

New Products Klaxon – Again!

“Tis all happening at NPHQ deep in the heart of the Rossendale Valley and we are in the process of getting our labels and nutritional’s sorted for the next products in our range. Fear not friend of things Nowt Poncy®, we shall reveal all very soon but in the mean time here’s a little teaser of what will be arriving very VERY soon! Yes we know it’s cruel and unusual punishment BUT we think you will be as chuffed as us when you see and taste them!

Happy Dance Time!

It’s official. Our Nowt Poncy® Tomato & Basil sauce has achieved the fantastic target of 12 months shelf life when unopened which is doubly amazing because we don’t use any nasty additives or preservatives to achieve it. Those boffins in white coats at Manchester University have done their thing and proclaimed “‘thar be Nowt Nasty in’t Nowt Poncy®” (well, what they actually sent was a technical list of  data that proves that theres nothing in there that shouldn’t be). What’s even better is that it smells and tastes fantastic when it’s opened.

We’re proper decidedly dead chuffed wit result.

New Products Klaxon!

Yep, we’ve got some fab news in that there are going to be some new additions to the Nowt Poncy® range in the next few weeks. The Puttanesca is coming along but at the moment Jool’s and his top team of talented tasters (or TToTT’s) are more focussed on a, well that would be letting too much out of the bag, but be assured they will taste amazing, still be gluten free and not taste like it and most importantly be Nowt Poncy®.

It’s in’t Pan!

The next sauces in the Nowt Poncy® range are currently being developed and hopefully it won’t be too long before they are on the shelves (Jools is getting the ingredients and the balance of flavours right). They will be available once they have gone off to the boffins in white coats for nutritional analysis and testing.

The Puttanesca (the word has various meanings in Italian and all of them quite rude or pertaining to, ahem, naughtiness) has anchovies, capers, olives and chillies, along with some other delicious ingredients all adding up to an amazing flavour combination. We also have an Arrabiata sauce and a tomato & red pepper sauce that will be joining the Nowt Poncy® lineup very soon.

Other sauces are being developed but they are top secret at the moment. They will be as Nowt Poncy® as the rest.

Our Curry Sauce is based on a traditional recipe and is full of lovely spices and fresh chillies. Yes, it does have a bit of heat, but we use very little chilli powder so you won’t get the unpleasant burn which some hot curries give. Yes, you get the heat hit BUT the flavour is what comes through and when combined with some homemade raita and some of your favourite mango chutney – it’s superb (see our recipe page for home made raita).

So what’s it like? Well it’s curry and it’s Nowt Poncy – just add your favourite meat like chicken, lamb, prawns or your favourite vegetables a few hours beforehand to let the flavours marinate and then heat. Alternatively, stick it into your slow cooker in the morning and when you get home cook some rice (or if you’re like us get one of those great packets of rice that are done in 2 mins in the microwave, stick it on a plate and get stuck in. It will be well worth waiting for (see the recipe page)!

Mrs Nowt Poncy likes a chicken tikka masala and mild curries, however, whenever I cook this she will eat it hot, Hot, HOT and will come back for seconds if theres any left.

So, lots of exciting things happening in the next few weeks/months so call back often and we’ll keep you up to date or follow us on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram.

Remember – great food does not have to be up itself – stay Nowt Poncy! #keepitnowtponcy

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