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May 7, 2021 | Foodie Start-up's

We LOVE working with start-up food companies.

There is so much talent out there and the variety of food we get to see is amazing. Lockdown has certainly got the creative juices flowing and we really can’t wait to see some of the great products on the shelves.

Our job is to help the food founder navigate the complex and sometimes tortuous route to ensure they have the very best product available to sell that is legally compliant and safe with respect to allergens and ingredients.  There is a huge difference in selling a few jars at a local farmers market to selling online and to retailers. Each one has its own set of rules when it comes to compliance to weights and measures, distance selling regulations, mandatory labeling information and allergen information and may contain statements.

Getting it wrong can be costly – Trading Standards are not beyond ordering off Etsy, or other websites to test how much the brand owner knows about the regulations.

We’re working with some amazing emerging brands to bring you a selection of flavours from around the world, from the mild and sweet to hot Hot HOT sauces and curries that will have those taste buts screaming.

If you’ve got a bonkers food idea or a dream to bring YOUR amazing family faves to market, give us a call. We promise not to roll our eyes or suck air through our teeth – we’ll give you our honest advice and we can even help you develop the recipe.

Go on…….what you waiting for?

Bostwick Consistometer

A Bostwick consistometer for ensuring the viscosity of a product remains constant through production batches.

pH meter

pH forms an important part of shelf life which is why we use calibrated pH meters such as this.



Nowt Poncy® products are low calorie, low sugar and coeliac and vegan friendly.

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Nowt Poncy® products are low sugar and coeliac and vegan friendly (apart from the Big Easy Creole).

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