Nowt Poncy® Pasta

Nowt Poncy® Pasta – 5 Flavours

By ‘eck our Nowt Poncy Pastas really are something special. A high quality pasta made using traditional bronze dies and only the finest ingredients, it looks and tastes fantastic. The amazing colours are derived from spinach, turmeric, beets and tomato and it’s all natural colouring too, so no brightly coloured food that looks like nothing in nature. Fear not dear hearts, the flavour is very subtle so you’re not suddenly going to get a huge hit of tumeric or beet or spinach. It might look poncy but it really isn’t and most importantly, it’s all about the taste and texture and no nasty additives.

We chose this amazing pasta to go with our sauces because we wanted an authentic Italian product that would hold our sauce well, look fabulous on the plate and provide some fun and a talking point at dinnertime.

We have visited the family run factory in Puglia. Huge care and attention is put into providing a first class product and, like our sauces, it’s the human touch that makes the difference, especially with the hand tied raffia bows. It goes a long way too, because the quality means they puff up well when cooked and the cooking water is absorbed.

Jools was very taken by the MD’s amazing (and huge) collection of vintage HiFi and camera equipment and had to be dragged almost kicking and screaming into the meeting.

Puglia’s food scene is fantastic and is based around the freshest ingredients and simple, delicious food. No slates, chopping boards or anything else to distract eyes from the produce.

Our pasta’s (except the black and white farfalline) are vegan and vegetarian friendly too.

Unfortunately they are NOT Gluten Free.

The Shapes:

Trottline Nowt Poncy Pasta

Nowt Poncy® Trottline Pasta 5 flavours (400g)

Monnezzaglia Nowt Poncy® Pasta Mix

Monnezzaglia Nowt Poncy® Pasta 5 flavours (400g)

Spugnole Nowt Poncy® Pasta

Spugnole Nowt Poncy® Pasta 5 flavour (400g)

A derelict traditional Apuglian Trulli

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